Custom Built Power Generators

Alturdyne Power Systems is a leading provider of custom-engineered back-up power equipment and maintenance support services for various end markets. We have the knowledge, manufacturing capabilities, skills and safety record expected by our blue-chip customer base. Our expertise extends to sound attenuation, harsh environment packaging and R&D for stationary, portable and airborne applications.

Our generator designs are unsurpassed where space is at a premium. Vertical 90 and 125 kilowatts gas turbine-powered sets and diesel engine-powered sets up to 75 kilowatts are available. We are also a source for horizontal diesel installation up to 2000 kilowatts and gas engine installations to 1000 kilowatts.

Other attributes of our units include:
  • Battery Charger
  • Premium sound attenuated aluminum housing systems
  • Single/three phase control panels with voltage selector switches
  • Internal/external fuel tank systems
  • Surge or Electric Braking Systems
  • Electronic governing systems with precise voltage regulation
  • Exhaust and Silencer Systems
  • Environmentally approved for emissions
  • Turn-key Program Management

    We offer a broad range of services that enhance facility asset value, including general and specialty construction, maintenance and modification, and plant management support services. We cover the full life cycle from new build engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of power plants to plant construction, maintenance, upgrades, power up rates, and material condition improvements.

  • Packaging

    We have a proven capability to package gas turbine, rotary, and reciprocating engines for a wide variety of applications: Generator Sets, Compressors, Hydraulic Start Systems, High-Speed Reduction Drives, Ground Power Units, Air-Transportable Power Systems.

    We design and manufacture a broad range of enclosures, silencers, skids, fuel tanks and turnkey modules with power van/trailers to 40'×10'×10' to 70,000 pounds. Our experience in applying the appropriate acoustical treatment has contributed to a variety of successful installations. Alturdyne Power Systems's complete metal working and finishing capability permits custom assemblies to be designed and constructed quickly and economically. Fuels can be diesel, bio-diesel, natural gas, or other combustibles.

    We also supply custom-designed enclosures for indoor and outdoor use. Most enclosures are fabricated from corrosion-resistant 5052 marine aluminum, although other options are possible. Outdoor enclosures are weather-proof and various levels of acoustic attenuation are available. With Alturdyne Power Systems’s proprietary designs, external acoustic levels below 50dB at 10 feet are achievable. With thousands of fielded units, we have earned an international reputation for unparalleled quality and customer service.